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1st Rate Basketball Alliance
Ike Bates, CEO
​Basketball Experience:

2018-19 Assistant Coach at Bethesda University​ (NAIA)

From 1985 to 2015 I was heavily
involved in the NBA sanctioned Los
Angeles Summer Pro League "SPL". I was a head coach for several free agent teams when the league was held at LMU and CSULB. 

Played professionally in the Phillipines.
Played and coached 10 years for the US

Played and Coached 7 years in the NCAA sanctioned "Say No Classic" college summer league in Los Angeles.

Coached 17 years of High School basketball
at Serra High (Gardena, CA), Whitney High (Cerritos,CA), Oxford Academy (Cypress, CA), Servite High (Anaheim, CA) and Marquez High (Huntington Park, CA).
Dwayne Bates, COO
2018-19 Assistant Coach at Bethesda University (NAIA)

I am the Varsity Head Coach at Marquez High School in Huntington Park, CA. This year (2015-16) we got a RING by winning the CIF CHAMPIONSHIP, the 1st in school history! For the 2014-15 season, we LEAGUE CHAMPIONS with a 9-1 record and had the schools 1st Basketball Banner & Playoff berth.

In 2014, I was an Assistant Coach on the Championship Team (SPL Pros) for the Los Angeles Summer Pro League. So far this early summer, 3 players SIGNED overseas contracts from that team. The Head Coach of SPL Pros is Doug Marty, who is an ex-scout for the San Antonio Spurs & Boston Celtics. Last year he was a Head Coach in Luxembourg. 

In 2013, I coached the BTG Express (from Houston, TX) for the Los Angeles Summer Pro League and was selected SPL New Coach of the Year. I also represented the SPL and coached a team in the Venice Beach Basketball League (VBL).

In 2008 I signed a contract to play in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) but tore my ACL 1 week before going...wasn't meant to be!

I am a game situational Basketball COACH. I will be straight up and HONEST with you at ALL times; I will NOT be your YES man! 
I am someone who pays attention to detail; when you get to the higher levels of basketball every player is ATHLETIC but not always precise and detailed.

I only have 3 Rules:

1. Keep your appointments
2. Be in BASKETBALL shape
        -Shows commitment to the GAME
        -I know a GREAT personal trainer to                   help you but I'm not that person
         -Don't waste my time and your 
         -I'm not a coach that can't & won't 
           discuss what & why were doing 
           something. I'm NOT always right
         -You have to be able to accept 

Who We ARE 
                            &        What We're About
1st Rate - We do not cut corners; from start-to-finish we will work with you to insure that you are ready at your immediate level (Middle School, High School, College or Professional) and, that you are totally prepared and ready for the next level, both physically and psychologically.

Basketball - We do not mix sports, we specialize in Basketball 100%. We will provide you with a structured workout specific to basketball and your position. We will document your progress and insure that you have the correct technique for the right situation based on your position. We DO NOT TEACH GENERIC BASKETBALL; you are an individual with individual needs. We will (as best we can) watch you play and not just request scouting reports from others. We will evaluate all film if you are out of the immediate area and write a full scouting report based on what we see and not what others see. 

Alliance - We will introduce you to OUR group and will look out for each other from day one-to-infinity. Many times we will get calls from our players about potential scholarships, overseas jobs or tryouts for overseas positions that we will not only pass on to you, but also insure you are right for the position. You will always be a part of our group regardless of who represents you, “period.” Full support for all in the alliance.
Remember, we will NOT recommend any player who is not ready. 1st Rate Basketball Alliance’s word is more important than anything else, especially money! If you are not ready we will get you ready. Again, we will not recommend you if you are not ready. But if you are ready we will do EVERYTHING possible to get you that next job/scholarship. 

It is NOT our intent to get you in shape, if you are not always in shape you don’t belong on the court; we see fakes a lot, those who want to be a part of but don’t want to work. We get players who talk a good game but don’t have one, you must be honest with yourself; if not we will be honest for you. We know the difference between Pyrite and the real thing, "Gold".  

Remember and in order; OUR WORD to you and others are the most important thing we offer and to which we hold dearly, your needs, your development and then 1st Rate Basketball Alliance. 

Honesty - Not everyone is cut out to be a basketball player; if you don’t have the tools to be a basketball player we will let you know and more importantly tell you why. Then you can make up your mind of how hard you want to work to get there.

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