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Players we WORKOUT or that PLAY for us on a REGULAR basis
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1st Rate Basketball Alliance
Emerson Castaneda
6'1 PG/SG 
Point Loma University

Will NOT find anyone who can OUT-SHOOT him. He can shoot a stand-still and on-the-move NBA 3 pointer w/ GREAT accuracy but ALSO take his man off-the-dribble with multiple moves to create his own shot (which you don't find in a majority of PURE shooters). He is a very good defender, who takes PRIDE in his defense (self-proclaimed himself as the 2nd coming of the Glove)…I guess. Also a good decision maker when handling the PG role, and will NOT turn the ball over. 

Graduated from Point Loma University in San Diego

Pro player in El Salvador
Zachary Hollis
Lamar University

Zach is a player who can bang in the post with his back to the basket or can stretch you out and light it up from distance with a smooth left-handed jumper. He's very athletic for his size and contributes on both ends of the court.

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Cameron Clay, Aaron Perez, Joshua Gouch, Robbie Robinson, Vince Camper II, Garrett Jefferson, Ezra Swanson, Coach Douglas Marty, Coach Dwayne Bates 
   (Uruguay)        (Mexico)          (CSUSB)            (Canada)      (MVP-DrewLeague)      (Africa)            (Mexico)               (Kuwait)                   (Skills Developer)
Marquez High
2015-16 CIF Champs
Coach Dwayne I Bates
Coach Ike Bates

We WIN on every level
Summer Pro League 2014 Champions
Vince Camper, Joshua Gouch, Garrett Jefferson, Aaron Perez, Rico Myles, Tom Granado, Coach Ike Bates, Drew, Van Girard, Coach Dwayne Bates
ALL Overseas Players
At practice w/ current Saint Louis U 
Coach Travis Ford
Coaching award in El Salvador
Vic is a player who is really progressing as an offensive player but already have really good footwork, IQ, defensive and rebounding skills. He is currently transferring from USC and has a lot of offers on the table.
6'4 Combo Guard c/o 2020 for Serra High who has no weaknesses on offense and you better get a hand up once he crosses half-court!!! But his IQ is what sets him apart from the pack. Already has a couple of D1 offers and I can't wait for signing day 2020

Currently working on being more detailed with his footwork, and more explosive moves with the ball
Contract signing day for Canada!!!

2018-19 played in Canada
Robbie can score on all 4 levels (paint area, mid-range, 3pt range and ft) with efficiency.  His rebounding for a shooting guard is off the charts and if your a big, you better watch your head on all offensive rebounds.  

Congrats on the 10 day contract!!! Stay humble & keep grinding
Great coach but better human
Jim Cleamons 
9x NBA Championships as a COACH
  • Learned so much from coach in the couple of times we met, his knowledge is absolutely ridiculous
Went to El Salvador to get a player of ours signed.  In the process, we helped a team run practices and did some individual skill development, and helped that same team make the playoffs.

The Head coach also had Coach Ike run multiple camps throughout the country
Coach Ike in Canada with Head Coach Tim Kendrick of the Canada Storm
Vietnam tryouts @ Hope Int'l with some good coaches