Professional Training 
(NBA, G - League & Overseas)
Collegiate Training
High School
Individual Workouts
For the ultimate athlete that needs to pay more attention to detail and less on basic fundamentals. We will help you with perfecting the talents that you have already learned over the last 10-15 years of your basketball life. 1st Rate Basketball Alliance will NOT, I repeat, NOT help you get into BASKETBALL shape. If you are not in basketball shape at this point in your basketball career, it means you're not taking basketball serious; if your not taking it serious, we don't want you to waste our time and your money. 
Just because we have the connections to get you a JOB, we will not risk our reputation if you are not dedicated or skilled enough for the available position.

Whether you play for a JUCO or a 4-year University, we will get you prepared for the upcoming season and/or for the next level. 1st Rate will come up with a specific workout that will be tailored to the game you already have (nothing generic). Most coaches at the college level do not work on individual skill development (which is crazy if you think about it), but their more focused on team plays, defenses and team philosophies.  
We will review your game tapes from previous years and come up with individual strategies to maximize your opportunities within the team offense/concepts.
I am currently the Varsity Basketball Head Coach at Marquez High School. I know what it takes and can absolutely take your game to the next level. I will give you the skills and tools to get you a scholarship to a University. ​At the High School level we will work on your individual game not only so you can have a GREAT high school season but to prepare you for the Collegiate Game. Depending on your individual skill level, we will make sure you have the fundamentals to make advanced college moves during your high school career. To be a Top Tier Recruit you have to do more than just workout at your normal high school practices. AAU ball doesn't practice enough during the week, they just get together and play games during the weekend. You can only get by on your athleticism for so long! You have to be prepared MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. 
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1st Rate Basketball Alliance
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Ages from 5-14 Years Old
We will evaluate the your childs skill level and teach them all the fundamentals/advanced moves needed to not only dominate at their immediate age level but also to compete at the level beyond their ages. 

For the younger aged group we would start teaching them how to play basketball the right way, without cutting corners (like most youth coaches, just so they can win a game/tournament). The worst thing you could do is have your son/daughter have to re-learn how to dribble, pass, shoot and play defense because someone else wanted to win instead of TEACH. 

For the older kids, we would like to prepare them for the High School level. We will TEACH game situational moves and have them ready for the game speed of high school basketball. 

Our WORD & REPUTATION means EVERYTHING to 1st Rate Basketball Alliance
Scouting of Teams and/or Individuals 
for Coaches and Parents
1st Rate will give you a detailed report of your teams WEAKNESSES and STRENGTHS without prejudice or bias (which for some teams are harder to admit they have certain weaknesses). We will breakdown your teams game tape/live events to determine specific habits of each individual player, such as his/her strengths and weaknesses, which side of the court they like to operate on, which side of the court they play better defense, how many dribbles they take with one hand before switching hands on a regular basis, etc. We can also do the same kind of report on your OPPONENT. 

1st Rate gives these services to some of the top High Schools, travel teams, JUCO, and two International teams, so they can work on specific weaknesses of their top players. You would be surprised how many players drive hard to the basket going right, but like to pull-up for jumpers going left. Or how many post players will do certain moves on the left block, opposed to other moves on the right block. Or breakdown a shooters 3-point % based on which side of the court their on and which side of the body the defense runs at the shooter. 

For coaches every detail counts when trying to WIN and keep J.O.B's. As a coach you need to take every opportunity to get every possible advantage to UN-even the playing field.
Dominic Woods
6'4 c/o 2020
Offensive KILLER
left: Vince Camper-Overseas & 
Drew League MVP
right: Aaron Perez-Overseas & One of the most versatile players in LA
Robbie Robinson
Tip Jam Expert
Vic is a very skilled footer who is expanding his game
1st CIF in school history